Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Between the Paths — Row 8
Capt. Andrew Cratey Senior (1695)
Nicholas Tucker footstone.
The headstone is now set lower in the ground than originally intended, and so the inscription and engravings are partly covered.
Here Lyeth interred
ye Body of Capt

decd may ye 10th 1695
in ye 45 year of
Elisabeth Tedder (1769)
Elizabeth Tedder (1769).
Elisabeth Tedder (1769).
In Memory of Mrs
Elisabeth Tedder the Beloved
wife of Mr Valintine Tedder
Daughter to Mr Sam & Mrs
Sarah Dodd who Died Octor 4th
Anno domini 1769
Aged 33 Years

Naked as from the earth we Came
and Crept to life at first
We to earth return again
and mingle With our Dust
The dear delights We here injoy
and fondly call our own
are but short Favours Borrow'd now
to be repay'd anon
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