Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Toward Gingerbread Lane — 2
Mary Hammond (1829)
Gravestone of Mary Hammond (1829).
In Memory of
HAMMOND daughter of
Capt. THOMAS wooldredge
who died august. 24. 1829.
aged 32 years.
~ • ~
Thou who does morn oer lovd ones dead
Whose friendship was so dear
The sky seemd sunless starless all
When they did disaPPear.
Be still Perchance they left the world
--- ills to come
And twas a fathers voice that calld
His hand that --- them home.
Then mourn not mourn not striking on--
Though of ----
Wish them not ----
Which ---
Tympanum of the gravestone for Mary Hammond (1829).
Mr. Thomas Wooldridge Jr (1811)
Mr. Samuel Wooldridge
Gravestone for Mr. Thomas Wooldridge Jr (1811) and Mr. Samuel Wooldridge.
This stone is erected
to perpetuate the
Memory of
Mr Thomas Wooldridge Jr
who died Sept. 20 1811:
Aged 24 years & 5 mo.
Mr. Samuel G. Wooldridge
---- 1825 aged 71 years
Eldest sone of Capt Thomas
& Mrs Mary Wooldridge
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