Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
The Cluster by the Pond — 2
Headstones and Footstones
Typically, grave markers include a headstone and a footstone. In addition to the identifying information óname, age, and date of death, the headstone may include an epitaph and various designs and icons. The footstone is simpler and smaller. Although it may have the name plus a small design, often it only has the name or even only the initials.
Prudence Turner (1717)
Headstone of Mrs. Prudence Turner. Prudence Turner (1717) footstone.
Headstone Footstone
Decorative Borders
The inscriptions in the early headstones are usually framed with a border, typically on the left and right sides. Some stones have three-sided borders, and a few have four-sided borders. Nineteenth century stones tend to be less ornate, and the epitaphs often have no borders

Samuel Reed (1718)
  The oldest dated stone in the graveyard belongs to Mary Lattimer.

Here Lyes the
Body of Mr.
Aged 57 Years, 2
Monts & 3 Ds. Decd
Decembr Ye 4th 1718
Headstone of Samuel Reed.
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