Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
West Side Clusters — 1
Central Area Cluster.
The second entrance to the graveyard is the path leading up from Pond Street. If you enter by this route, the southwestern corner of the graveyard will be on your left. It includes about nine rows of headstones in the open, grassy area, and a few more rows under the trees at the graveyard's edge. Facing this section, you'll see the Swett tomb on your left and a couple marble monuments back and to the right. At your far right, this section is bordered by Redd's Pond.
Hannah Stevens (1764)
Headstone of Hannah Stevens 1764.
In memory of
Hannah Stevens Dautr
of Mr Richard & Mrs.
Elizabeth Stevens
Who died May 12th
1764 Aged 4 Years
4 Months & 12 Days.
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