Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Between the Paths — Row 4
Captain James Mugford (1776)
This tall, white, marble stone marks the grave of James Mugford, Revolutionary War hero who was killed on May 19, 1776. White marble stones fared well for over 150 years. Then, in just a few decades, they eroded, many to the point where their inscriptions are no longer decipherable. This unfortunate situation appears to be the result of acid rain.
Miriam Grose. Captain James Mugford (1776): detail.
Captain James Mugford (1776): detail.
Capt. James Mugford (1778)
Capt. James Mugford (1778). Winged Death's Head.
Here Lies Buried
the Body of
Capt. James Mugford
who departed this Life
Jan: the 12th 1778.
Aged 53 Years.
Often two or more headstones bear the same name, usually due to family members having been given the same name. This headstone belongs to the father of the Revolutionary War hero. Notice how this stone has held up much better than the son's comparably aged white marble
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