Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Between the Paths — Row 5
The Salkins Family
This row has three headstones for the Salkins family.
Three Salkins headstones.
Thomas F. Salkins (1808)
Mary P. Salkins (1812)
The verse at the bottom of this stone, "Afflictions sore long time they bore...," is found on numerous stones of this period.
In Memory of
Thomas F. Salkins,
who died Sept. 3, 1808
Æt. 66
& Mary P. Salkins
Daughter of Thomas F. &
Mary Salkins, died
Aug. 19, 1812;
Æt. 18

Afflictions Sore long time they bore
Physicians strove in vain,
Til God was pleased to give them ease
And take away their pain.
Headstone of Thomas F. Salkins and Mary P. Salkins.
The Bed of Earth
The top portion of the gravestone is referred to as the crown or tympanum. Traditional English gravestones had semicircular tympanums. Starting in 1670, in Boston, this shape was changed, and rounded shoulders were cut into each side of the stone. The paired headstone and footstone now simulated the four cornerposts of a bed. The body slept in this earthen bed until its awakening and its reunion with the soul.

Stones for children often had tapered sides, simulating the shape of a rocking cradle. In the late 1700s, squared shoulders came into use; and by the end of the century, shoulders were eliminated altogether.
Mary Salkins (1779)
George Salkins (1787)
Still Born Infant (1789)
Nathaniel Salkins (1791)
In Memory of the Children of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Mary Salkins.
In Memory of 4
children of Mr. Thomas
& Mrs. Mary Salkins

Mary Salkins died Febr. 21st 1779:
Aged 2 weeks.

George Salkins died June 20th 1787:
Aged 6 months & 2 weeks.

Also an infant Still born June 20th

Nathaniel Salkins died April 28th 1791:
Aged 6 months.
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