Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
General Glover Cluster — 1
General Glover Cluster.
On the back side of the hill, just beyond Ministers' Row, is a cluster that includes the brick tomb of General John Glover. This cluster includes two pre-1700 headstones, the graves of several Revolutionary soldiers, and the graves of several members of the Glover family.

General John Glover (b. November 5, 1732) is thought to be the great-great grandson of Charles Glover, who left England and settled in Salem in 1630. John had three brothers: Jonathan (b. June 13, 1731), Samuel (b. June 13, 1731), and Daniel (b. January, 1734).

John married Hannah Gale, of Marblehead, on October 30, 1754. Hannah was born in June, 1733, and died on November 13, 1778. John's second wife, also from Marblehead, was Mrs. Francis Fosdick.

John and Hanah Glover had eleven children, all born in Marblehead:

John, b. March 23, 1756. Married Fanny Lee, one child, Fanny.

Hannah, b. May 15, 1757. Died in infancy.

Daniel, b. April 8, 1759. Died in infancy.

Hannah, b. April 19, 1761. Married Richard Cowell, seven children.

Samuel, b. December 19, 1762. Married first Martha Bowden; second, Betsy Skillins, three children.

Jonas, b. April 1, 1764. Married Sally Pierce, two children.

Tabitha, b. December 8, 1765. Married William Brooks.

Susannah, b. March 28, 1767. Married Capt. Nicholas Broughton, five children.

Mary, b. January 8, 1769. On December 11, 1788, she married Robert Hooper (b. February 3, 1766), thirteen children.

Sarah, b. February 10, 1771. Married Samuel Lewis, one child.

Jonathan, b. May 9, 1773. Died unmarried.
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