Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Ministers' Row Cluster — 6
Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard (1808)
Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard. This stone is erected by an
affectionate & grateful people
to perpetuate the memory of the
Pastor of the first congregational
Society in Marblehead, who died
Octr 15th 1808 in the 45th year of
his age & 18th of his ministry

In him the Parish has lost a faithful
Minister, Christianity an able Advo-
cate and his Country one of her best
Citizens for he was a bright Example
of every social, moral & christian virtue
Though young in life he was old in
virtue though not arrived to his mer-
dian he was ripe for heaven

"O come away his longing spirit cries,
And share with me the raptures of the skies
Our bliss divine to mortals is unknown;
Immortal life & glory are our own.
There too may the dear pledges of our love
Arrive, & taste with us the Joys above.
Children of Rev. Mr. Ebenezer and Mrs. Abigail Hubbard:
Mary (1797), Hannah (1801), and Benjamin (1802)
Children of Rev. Ebenezer & Mrs. Abigail Hubbard.
Children of Rev. Ebenezer & Mrs. Abigail Hubbard. Deposited here Mary aged
2 years. Hannah aged 12
years. Benjamin aged 5 years;
children of the late Revd
Mr Ebenr & Mrs Abigail Hubbard
The first died March 24
1797. The second Jan. 15
1801. The last May 5 1892.
Hubbard children: detail.
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