Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Ministers' Row Cluster — 3
Mrs. Susanna Jayne (1776)
Mrs. Susanna Jayne footstone.
Located behind the Jayne headstone is the Jayne footstone. Footstones usually were quite small and their inscriptions often were limited to the person's initials. This footstone is the size of a small headstone. It features a winged death's head, a border, and the Latin instructive, Momento Mori (Remember Death).
Elizabeth Foster (1754)
Elizabeth Foster (1758)
Next to the Jayne footstone is a small headstone for the Foster children, both named Elizabeth. The stone faces east. Its tympanum features two deaths' heads.
Elizabeth Foster:
died Sept 15t. 1754..
Aged 1 Year & 1
Elizabeth Foster
died December 12.
1758. Aged 1 Year
& 4 Months.
Children of Mr. Ebenezer & Mrs. Eliza Foster
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