Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Ministers' Row Cluster — 4
Rebecca Wolderidg (1800)
Death like an over flowing Stream,
Sweeps us away our life’s a dream,
An empty tale, a morning flower
Cut down & wither’d in an hour.
But O! how oft thy pow’r appears,
And cuts off our expected years:
Thy Wrath awakes our dread:
We fear the pow’r which Strikes us dead.
Headstone of Rebecca Wolderidg (1800).
Urn and Willow on Headstone of Rebecca Wolderidg.
By 1800, the urn and willow had become a common motif.
Portraits Carved in Stone
Mrs. Anna Barnard (1774)
Rev. William Whitwell (1781)
Anna Barnard and Rev. William Whitwell.
Mrs. Anna Barnard (1774)
Anna Barnard (1774): detail.
Anna Barnard (1774): detail.
OMNEM crede Diem tibi diluxisse
Sacred to the Memory of the pious
The worthy and exemplary
Consort of the late Venerable &
Who for many years was the
faithful Pastor of the first
Church of Christ,
in Marblehead.

In all the Virtues of a Life of Faith
and Holiness,
She shone below, respected & belov'd;
Until matur'd for higher Spheres,
She set to Earth, rever'd & lamented;
But rose upon the Horizon of perfect
endless day on the 24th of Augt 1774: Æ 78.

The holy Triumph of her Soul,
Did Death itself out-brave,
Left dull Mortality behind,
And flow beyond the Grave.
Rev. William Whitwell (1781)
Rev. William Whitwell (1781): detail.
Rev. William Whitwell (1781): detail.
Memento mori
IN memoriam erectum

ecclesiæ primæ Christi apud Marblehead
Pastoris—Scriba enat in regno cælorium peritus-
Deum precatus eft ardenter, apte & cum So-
lemnitate—Sacrse plura breviter continentes &
concitandis animis, idonæ erant-Totum huma-
num Generis complexus est, & charifsime pal-
riam habuit, quæ eum paperit-Exemplum pi-
etatis & christianæ virtutis præclarum: &, inter
hanc vitam & ejus labores, Novembris 8° AD 1781
Ministerii 19, Ætatisq 45, tranquille Animam emisit.

Erected in memory of ye Revd WILLM. WHITWELL,
Pastor of the first Church of Christ in Marblehead–
"He was a scribe well instructed unto the kingdom of
Heaven"–In his addresses to God, he was fervent, perti-
nent & Solemn–His discourses were evangelical, com-
prehensive & Pathetic–He loved all mankind; and
was most Strongly attached to his country–He set
a bright example of piety & Christian virtue; &, in
the midst of life & of his labours, he calmly expi-
red, on the 8th of November 1781, in the 19th year
of his ministry, & 45th of his Age. ~
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