Old Burial Hill, Marblehead.
Ministers' Row Cluster — 5
Rev. Samuel Cheever (1724)
Rev. Samuel Cheever (detail).
Mr. Cheever's headstone has a double tympanum. The inscription is entirely in Latin.
Rev. Samuel Cheever. The first minister of the First Congregational Church was William Walton, a missionary who served Marblehead for thirty years until his death in 1688. No record of his burial has been found.

Mr. Walton was succeeded by Mr. Samuel Cheever, who had been born in New Haven, Connecticut, on September 22, 1639, and had graduated Harvard College in 1659. Mr. Cheever’s Marblehead ministry lasted fifty years, until his death on May 29, 1724.
Rev. John Barnard (1770)
Rev. John Barnard (detail).
Rev. John Barnard. Rev. John Barnard (detail).
The crown of John Barnard's headstone features a death's head, crossbones, hourglass, and scythe. The inscription is in Latin: even the Reverend's first name has been Latinized.
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